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Happy New Year! Every year I take time to write my top ten memories/events from the prior year and to write down my goals for the new year. This is the first year I made a category for writing goals. One part of my goal is to participate in more writing challenges online, so it was perfect timing when I discovered Storystorm 2020 and registered right away.

Storystorm 2020 is a writing challenge to brainstorm and write down 30 story ideas in 31 days. This is my first year participating and I'm excited. I'm not sure how I'll be able to come up with so many ideas, but know this is the perfect way to kick-off the new year! And there are prizes!

My original goal was write six new picture book manuscripts in 2020, but after this challenge is done I might be able to revise that number! At least I'll have more stories in the pipeline. Over the next 31 days, we've been challenged to discover how our personal creative process works. I'll report back on what I learn and let you know how things go!

Here's the link to register:

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