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Ho! Ho! Holiday Contest!

I'm participating in Susanna Hill's 9th Annual Holiday Contest (250 words max), posted on her blog! Writing this short Christmas story was a special TREAT for me! I hope you enjoy it.


The Christmas Zoo Trip

By: Elizabeth Janczyk

I’m an anxious kid. Even excitement from something good can tie my stomach in knots. Especially at Christmastime...

Maybe it’s the wondering, “Will Santa bring what I asked for?” Or the worry, “Maybe Santa won’t come this year.” Or, maybe it’s the Christmas treats making me feel sick. Last Christmas Eve, I was very nervous, so my parents took me and my sister to the zoo to help take my attention off presents.

When we arrived, something strange was happening! The animals were so active and noisy in their cages! The vultures squawked. The mountain lions paced. The black bears growled. The porcupine, who was normally hiding, was easily found in a tree, with his tiny black eyes peeking out. In the petting zoo, the sheep and the goats were “baa-ing” and “maa-ing” louder than ever! “Why are the animals acting funny?” We asked.

My parents said, “The animals can talk on Christmas Eve!” We listened in wonder. “They are excited for the birth of Baby Jesus. They’re celebrating today; just like the barn animals on the starry night Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It’s a Christmas Eve miracle!” What a magical treat! We left the zoo happy and satisfied; my anxiety had melted away.

Zoo trips became our special family tradition that helps me focus on the true meaning of Christmas. We still go every year to hear the animals ‘talk’ about the Miracle of Christmas.

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