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#50PreciousWords 2020 Contest

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I just entered Vivian Kirkfield's contest. It's a challenge to write a children's story that is 50-words or less. More details are posted on Vivian's website. You can still enter through tomorrow 3/5! Even my dad was inspired to write a story about a pet goldfish that gets sick. It has an interesting ending with a twist. I was impressed. I'm tempted to post it, too. What would you write about if you only had 50-words to share (kid friendly)?

(FYI - I found out about this contest on Twitter by following the #writingcommunity. If you are a new or seasoned writer, I highly recommend you get a Twitter account and join in on the fun. It seems there are endless contests and pitch parties there, plus there's writing tips and opportunities to ask questions and join critique groups with other fellow writers. If you are already on Twitter, please give me a follow & lets connect: )

It was fun trying out a new story idea that's been brewing in my mind for a while and hopefully win a prize! I hope you enjoy my 50-word story, My Baby Brother is a Ninja:

My Baby Brother is a Ninja By Elizabeth Janczyk (50 words)

My baby brother is a ninja. An expert climber, dropkick roller.

Stealthy crawler… Wait, he was just here! Where’s he now? He just disappeared…

“Mom! He’s outside on a lounge chair!” “How on Earth did he get there!”

“Beats me!” I laugh on the floor. “Maybe through the cat door?!”

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