elizabeth janczyk via Wix.com

Food Offering 

by elizabeth janczyk

“No more, Grandma!”

Shouts my spoon-fed toddler,

His first three-word phrase,

With impatience and an overstuffed belly,

He protests to get out of his seat to play.


Memories of my late Grandma surface.

A bowl of endless ruffle chips, too many cookies, and my soda pop filled belly.

She stuffed it in our faces, TV blaring.

No sense of a healthy choice.

Always following behind to offer us more,

Watching us eat closely with concern, or was is delight?

Were we too thin?

“No more, Grandma!”


She tries again for one more bite.

My son rudely pushes her hand away, annoyed,

As if to say, “Didn’t you listen to me?”

“No more, Grandma!”

She gently wipes his face and lowers him down.

He runs off to play with a shiny new car,

Too young yet to know, like I was,

That the food was not just fuel for play,

But an offering of her love.