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First Day of Preschool

by elizabeth janczyk

Your nervous baby teeth smile

In my rear view mirror.

Fine golden hair combed and dressed

In new red polo and khaki shorts with

A scratched-up knee and chubby toddler legs sticking out

Softly kicking the front passenger seat

With perfect pillowy feet

Stuffed in blue scuffed-up sneakers

From hours of outdoor free play.


But now it’s about new teachers, classrooms, and sharing.

You’re excited to go, but too scared to go in.

You’re ahead of the curve ‘ready’ so we do it anyway.


Brave little one, holding my hand and a toy car

I lead you inside, to white walls full of colorful art

And to stay for a while with

New friends and smiling faces.


Suddenly, you’re on the cusp of boyhood.

Absorbing the world and to grow

Up a little bit more each time.

Promise I’ll always come back,

To take you back home.

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