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A Mother's Bedtime

by elizabeth janczyk

Another long day done,

Countless demands, challenges, fun.

The busy day chased me in a race,

Warm water washes it off my face.

House in order, all tucked in tight,

Now it’s time to shut my light.


Hoping for sleep now,

My breathing slows,

Wiggle, then resting toes.

I take three deep breaths,

My stomach rises then falls,

Sweet dreams please come to call.


Quiet noises, humming fan,

Escort me to dreamland.

It’s time to rest body and mind,

Head to fluffy pillow find.

Hurry, sleep now, I don’t have long,

Till I’m up again to hum babe a sweet song.


Tomorrow is a fresh slate,

I promise to make it great.

Giving my all to take good care,

Of two little ones so fair.

The time is short, must make it count,

They need me now; I can’t miss out.

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